Farm Fresh Meats

Brilyn Acres (derived from our names, Brian and Lynette) is a small family-owned farm located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  We are the third generation of our family to be blessed to enjoy this little piece of God's earth.  Our goal is to provide you, the consumer, with quality Angus beef.  We do not give our herd any growth hormones, animal by-products, or antibiotics.  The meat is all natural.  They are mainly grass-fed on our creekside pastures, with grain supplementation given over the winter months when grass is sparse.  Our feed is ground here on the premises with locally grown corn.

Our beef is processed by Smucker's Meats, a local processor which is a USDA inspected facility.  The meat is dry-aged for three weeks prior to cutting.  This process is important to the flavor and tenderness of our grass-fed Angus beef.  It is hung in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment to bring out the best flavor.  We think you'll taste the difference.

We have the following available:

Ground beef (1 lbs. packages)--very lean!!  Currently $4.25/lb.  Packaged in 1 lb. cubes.
Hamburger patties (will not shrink when you cook them!)  Currently $4.50/lb.  Packaged 4 or 6 patties (1.5 lbs.)
Steaks (Delmonico, NY Strip, Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Ranch & more) prices vary depending on cut
Roasts -- $5-$6/lbs. depending on cut
Beef Cubes -- $6.25/lb.
Chipped Steak -- $6.99/lb.
Liver, Heart and even the tail!

Prices subject to change.
Know where your beef comes from!  Give us a call at 717-468-0947 or 717-859-4513 and we'll be glad to assist you!!  Or e-mail us at  God bless!