Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a boy!!

We are pleased to announce the birth of a new addition on our farm. Length: 3 feet, Height: 3 feet, Weight: Oh, about 50 lbs. or so, Name: #3.

Yes, we had our first calf of the year. It's a bull calf, so we will plan to raise him to about 2 years of age and then he will move on either to the butcher or the auction. It was born last Thursday--of course, when Brian was away. She just couldn't wait another few days I guess. We're hoping for a few more calves this spring to add to our herd. Hopefully we get some girls!!

Brian arrived home safely Saturday evening. We were certainly glad to see him get off that bus! He had a great time, despite the bug bites everywhere :-) Lots of stories and memories to share!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Troublesome Rooster

Well, this guy certainly doesn't learn his lesson. This rooster has caused us enough problems. A few months ago, he was kicked out of the chicken house by the other roosters. Unfortunately, it was probably because his feet looked different than the others. How sad. So he probably became depressed and thought he would run away. He planned his escape and ran away to the neighbors. He was living the high life by eating scraps off the neighbor's porch and not having anyone pick on him. This was all fun and games for the neighbors until he started crowing at 3 a.m. Not good neighborly relations. We caught him doing this not once, but two times. In order to keep peace with the neighbors, we put him in our small pasture with our goats and ducks. Well, now he's really pushing his limits. I caught him trying to breed with my ducks! While this may be an opportunity to come up with a new breed of animal (we would call it a "chuck"--get it?? chicken + duck :-) How appropriate since this is Brian's nickname at work!!!!!!! Ha, Ha! However, I just think this is wrong. I know spring is in the air, but he's looking for love in all the wrong places! Since I'm flying solo this week (Brian is in Louisiana with MDS), I had to try to catch him last evening by myself and pen him up somewhere else. Brandon thought this would be humorous to catch on video. Mommy catching a chicken. Oh my. Have a good laugh at my expense!
Now my ducks can graze in peace. Anyway, the rooster has an appointment next week--at the butcher shop. Chicken noodle soup anyone?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Intense Border Collies

For those of you who know our dogs, you know they can be very intense at times, almost to the point of downright crazy. Well, it's been very, very cold lately and sometimes I pity them and let them in the house (just the kitchen area) to warm up. It didn't take them long to notice the baby chicks and their instinct kicked right in. They were trying to herd them in their little box!

Imagine the view from the chicks' point-of-view. Belle was a little discouraged that she couldn't go the whole way around the box, but she was intent on staring them down. Crazy dogs.
It's supposed to get a little warmer, so the chicks are headed to the chicken house. They are trying to escape their box and starting to stink a bit. For cute little things, they certainly poo a lot!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Footprints in the Snow

Well, I'm hopeful that this is the last snow of the season. But with that in mind, I thought I should capture all the footprints in the snow that we have around here.

Big ol' black Angus hoofprint

cute little kid's footprint
pterodactyl (just kidding--it's a guinea footprint). They have huge feet for as short as they are!

Goats' footprints. They tend to drag their feet when they walk. We'll have to work on that!

She wanted to get in on the action!

duck's webbed footprint
of course, puppy dog. lots of these around here

I know, not really a footprint. But a very fascinating design.

chickens--looks like they are trying to give directions!
petite little kitty cat

It made me think about what kind of "footprint" I am leaving behind. Do I tread softly with barely breaking through or do I stomp through to the ground below?? I know, that's deep (no pun intended :-) How do I treat others? How will they remember my "footprint" that I leave behind. Food for thought!