Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Getaway

Over Labor Day, we had made reservations to go camping at a lovely campground near Ocean City, Maryland--Frontier Town.  The last time we stayed at this campground was BC (before children) and a hurricane went through and we had to evacuate.  Well, 15 years later, it looked early on as though history was going to repeat itself!  Earl was headed for the East Coast--but even though we needed the rain, we were very thankful when Earl made himself scarce and quickly disappeared.  What followed Earl was perfect camping weather--warm, sunny, picture-perfect days and cool, sit-by-the-campfire-to-warm-up nights.

I just finished taking an online photography course (which I absolutely loved!).  It helped me move past the auto mode and learn what all those letters and buttons actually do on my camera.  Now I just have to remember everything!  The beach was the perfect spot for practicing.  God's beautiful creation provided some awesome opportunities to try to capture some images of a fun family weekend.

The view from our campsite each morning!

Of course no family vacation is complete without a family shot.  Kids always love these ;-)  I was trying to figure out my camera's timer.  Most of my shots had my backside in as I was rushing to get in place.  Finally got one!

biking over to Assateague Island
Some wild ponies we saw while biking on Assateague Island.  I found it interesting that the birds perch on the horses' backs.  I'll have to research that and find out why.  The horses don't seem to mind one bit!  It looks like there's a line for the birds to get rides :-)
View of Ocean City, MD, from the bridge to Assateague Island


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By the looks of these pictures,you can become our family's professional photogapher!!!!Very lovely pictures, and happy that you had a good vacation without EARL!!:)