Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again!

OK guys.  I'm trying this again.  I promise I will try to do a better job from here on out on posting to my blog.  I'm going to blame my disappearance from blogland due to facebook.  I thought facebook would be a good way to keep others updated on life here at the farm, but in reality, there just isn't enough of room!  And in the case of blogs, you the reader personally choose to come to our blog to read it, so I know you are truly interested.  With facebook, it's out there for everyone to see whether they like it or not.  So enough of my excuses--I'm back and will try my best to keep this posted on a more regular basis!

Egg Hunts Once Again!

Today is an egg-citing day (get it?? egg-citing, exciting???  I CRACK myself up!  Ha!).  We've been anxiously anticipating the arrival of farm-fresh eggs.  It's been several months--at least 6--where we have had to endure store-bought eggs!  Since those foxes cleaned out the chicken house, we had to start fresh with a new batch of chickens.  Our little chicks (silver laced cochins) came from Iowa back in March and are finally old enough to be paying their rent!  Brandon came in today from feeding the chickens with the two cutest little eggs I've ever seen.  Needless to say, we will still need to buy eggs for a little while until production and size pick up :-).  These little eggs won't make a very big omelette!  But, we eagerly anticipate the day when we have plenty of eggs for all our needs.  Hopefully enough to sell some day!   


Kim said...

I, for one, am egg-cited that you are back in blogland again! I have an RSS feed to your blog that has been sadly inactive for a very long time....
And what a great way to show off all your newly acquired photography skills. Love the pic of the eggs.

Karen said...

I love your blog and am thrilled you're back. Your photos are great! I need more space then facebook also.